freelance writer

Who is this bloke, anyway?

Oliver Pelling is a freelance journalist and copywriter. He's based in Melbourne, Australia, but he's a transplant from Eastbourne, England.

He is currently a contributing editor for Red Bull Adventure.

He also writes about travel, music and skateboarding for the likes of Rolling Stone Australia, Huck Magazine (his favourite magazine in the world), AWOL, Acclaim, SLAM Skateboarding Magazine, Womankind, Rock Sound, Blunt Magazine and more. He has a greyhound named Bear who regularly distracts him from writing about these things.

Oliver enjoys getting to know interesting people. His work sees him regularly interviewing professional skateboarders and musicians, but some of his most memorable interview subjects have included an Aboriginal elder from Cape York, a skateboarding rabbi and a man who rode a push scooter the length of England. He likes telling stories about the daft and the delinquent, the curious and the confronting, the passionate and the weird.

Oliver takes on regular copywriting gigs and has worked with some of Australia's leading advertising agencies and biggest brands. This work has seen him scribble everything from TVC scripts and social media posts to taglines, tone of voice documents, launch campaign concepts and all the other stuff inbetween. He's not much of a capitalist, mind you, but he believes that good, simple ideas can make the world a better place.

Things he doesn't like include: buzzwords, being inefficient, being told his website could be more SEO-friendly, writing bios and gimmicks.

Besides good ideas, other things he likes include Bear the greyhound, meeting good people, doing good work and telling good stories.

If you're into the same things, he'd love to hear from you.